The Sunday Reeds

Post-Punk, Psychedelic, Rock, Australian

The Sunday Reeds are a female-fronted noise pop/rock band named after Melbourne patron of the arts Sunday Reed. The love-child of some kind of rock 'n' roll orgy between The Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, The Ramones and The Velvet Underground. Driving bass lines, plenty of guitar feedback, primitive pounding rock beats and alto, sex-laden female vocals. If Nico had joined The Ramones, strapped on a bass guitar, and a whole lot more noise was added, this is how it might have sounded. After spending much time songwriting and recording in a hell-hole apartment, founding members Romana Ashton and Drew Jones were joined in early 2009 by drummer Andy Dawson. And then there were three... The Sunday Reeds' debut album 'Drowning in History' is out now through Squirrel Records and also available from amazon.com and cargorecords.co.uk


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