Synth-Pop, New Wave, Manchester

Listen! This is totaly great! HURTS has been rapidly getting the attention of many music enthusiasts. They come from the home of Joy Division, Manchester and they are in the final stages with their debut album. The video to Hurt's debut single, Wonderful Life, is so gloriously sombre and monochrome, it's almost obscene, although frankly, up here, we could weep with joy. The angular haircuts, the savage cheekbones, the darkly lit black-and-white setting, the pained stares into the middle distance, it reeks of eau d'1983 – the year when half-remembered bands with names like the Lotus Eaters, It's Immaterial and Pale Fountains took the shaved-sideboards-and-suits look of post-punk into the mainstream. The song itself is surgingly sad synth-pop, with a mysterious lyric whose optimistic chorus ("Never give up, it's such a wonderful life") contrasts with the dour verses, filled with references to crying and rain.
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