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Well it was a great year. We got a lot of new bands, new albums and exciting videos, live-shows and festivals. In the end of a year it's time to remember and what should we say? We did it! After a great discussion we decided that the following Album's are the Best of 2010 for us! Maybe you agree. As a special gift we make a "Best of 2010" Mixtape with great songs from the whole year! You can download, list or share! Pleasuremusic is also there for you in 2011, always looking for good new music. We constantly appreciate references about good new music and wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! See you 2011! xx Pleasuremusic

1. Foals – Total Life Forever
2. O. Children – O. Children
3. Caribou – Swim
4. HURTS – Happiness
5. Kids of 88 - Sugarpills
6. The Drums – The Drums
7. The Holidays – Post Paradise
8. 1000 Robota - UFO
9. Good Shoes – No Hope, No Future
10. These New Puritans – Hidden
11. MIT - Nanonotes
12. Kisses – The Heart of the Nightlife
13. Warpaint – The Fool
14. Kiss Kiss Kiss – Release the Birds
15. Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History
16. YOU ! – YOU !
17. Motorama – Alps
18. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
19. FM Belfast – How to make friends
20. Pomegranates – One of Us

Pleasuremusic - Best of 2010 by Worthknowingpleasures

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