Indie, Electronic

Die Kitsuné Entdeckung mit ihrer zweiten Single - I CAN TALK. Diesmal allerdings deutlich elektronischer! Trotzdem immer noch richtig peppig, zum tanzen auf jedenfall geeignet. Die Radio Version hier fällt meiner Meinung nach wesentlich besser aus als alle verschiedenen Mixe dazu.
Two Door Cinema Club return with a brand new single “I Can Talk” on 16th November on Kitsuné. Another deliriously catchy gem to follow on from ‘Something Good Can Work’ released earlier this year, the single will be released in both 7” and 12” formats and comes backed with remixes by French Horn Rebellion, Crystal Fighters, Moulinex and Golden Bug! TDCC’s debut album slated for release in February 2010.




The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes (1981)

Post-Punk, New Wave, 80s

In 1981 The Cure released their eighth single, "Charlotte Sometimes". It was a double sided single. "Splintered In Her Head" was on the B-Side. Neither track appeared on an album originally, but the A side was added as a bonus track on a CD Re-Release of their third album, Faith in 2005. Faith was reissued in the UK on 25 April 2005 (26th in the U.S.) as part of Universal Music's Deluxe Edition series. The new edition features a remastered version of the album, as well as the song "Carnage Visors" on disc one, while disc two contains demo and live tracks, as well as the non-album single "Charlotte Sometimes". The single reached the #44 spot on the U.K. singles chart.

Charlotte Sometimes




Indie, Pop, Post-Punk, Italian

Enrico, Ernesto and Damiano are Damien*, they come from Pesaro, Italy and their new LP, Crippled Cute, is available from October 15th on Suiteside Records.


Damien* Album Stream




Post-Punk, New Wave, Sweden

HOLIDAY FUN CLUB ist die neue Band von Max, seines Zeichens Gitarrist von SONS OF CYRUS. Joy Division meets Devo meets Gang of Four meets The Cure meets na klar Sons of Cyrus. Total manisch, Grandios einfach! Kein Klassischer Schwedenpunk, kein klassischer New Wave, kein klassischer Post Dance Punk, vielmehr eine krude Mischung aus all diesen Zutaten und sie mixen Dir einen Cocktail der sich gewaschen hat.





Garage-Rock, Indie-Rock, Electronic, German

Während sich ein Teil unserer Jugend mit Alkopops vor dem Fernseher verschanzt, um sich möglichst schnell die gesamten Klingeltoncharts aufs Handy zu laden, haben fünf Vorstadtjungs andere Pläne.
Mit ihrem elektronischen Garagerock, der an UK-Hypes wie Late Of The Pier, The Whip oder Foals erinnert, sowie einer mitreißenden Liveshow, sind BEAT!BEAT!BEAT! auf dem besten Weg, das nächste große Ding zu werden.So begeisterten sie schon das deutsche Publikum auf diversen Clubnights in Berlin, Hamburg, Köln oder München, waren Gäste bei ARTE Tracks und supporteten Namen wie The Pigeon Detectives, Infadels, Robocop Kraus oder These New Puritans.



2.You're Designer
3.Late On A.M.
4.One Day In The Woods
6.Diamonds At Night
8.New Youth Definition


The Rakes

Indie-Rock, Post-Punk, British

The Rakes have split up on the eve of a UK tour, forcing the band to cancel all of their forthcoming live dates. The group told NME.com: "The Rakes always been adamant and proud of the fact that we give 100% to every gig we've ever played."
"If we can't give it everything then we won't do it. That was the rule we set ourselves from day one. After much deliberation we have come to the shared conclusion that we can't give it 100% any more and regret to announce that the Rakes are calling it a day." The indie-rock band formed in London in 2004 and released their debut album, Capture/Release, in 2005 to critical acclaim. The group, consisting of Alan Donohoe, Jamie Hornsmith, Lasse Petersen and Matthew Swinnerton, were known for their post-punk influenced songs such as Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep), and Retreat, which captured the grim monotony of modern life. They released their second album, Ten Messages, in 2007, followed by a third LP, Klang, earlier this year.


Album collection

The Rakes - Capture/Release

The Rakes - Ten new Messages

The Rakes - Klang



Indie, British

Apartment are a four-piece alternative rock band from London, United Kingdom. They formed in 2005 and are currently signed to Filthy Lucre and Fleet Street Records. The band have toured with The Bravery, Delays, Editors, Jimmy Eat World and British Sea Power amongst others. They have also appeared on a co-headline tour of France with The Kooks. They have shared many stages with fellow East-Londoners Boy Kill Boy (hailing from Leytonstone), and Apartment have a song dedicated to their singer, Chris Peck, called "My Brother Chris", which also happened to be their first single under Filthy Lucre. They released their debut album, The Dreamer Evasive, in 2007.




Little Red

Indie, Australian, Doo-Wop Punk

Little Red is a Rock&Roll band from Melbourne, Australia consisting of Adrian Beltrame (Guitar, Vocals), Dominic Byrne (Guitar, Vocals), Quang Dinh (Bass, Vocals), Tom Hartney (Vocals, tambourine and harmonica) and Taka Honda (Drums). The band's music has been described as similar to that of the Beach Boys. The band was formed in 2005 and released the EP, Get Ready, in 2007 on Anvil Records, and the single "Waiting" through the Regal Singles Club. In June 2008 they released their album "Listen to Little Red"

Little Red


Little Red - Waiting from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.


The Holidays

Indie, Australian

The Holidays are an Australian four piece pop rock band. Formed in Sydney in 2006, the band consists of Simon Jones (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Will Magnus (lead guitar), Alex Kortt (bass guitar) and Andrew Kerridge (drums). Emerging in late 2006, The Holidays quickly established themselves and developed a growing buzz in the Sydney music scene. The Holidays are described as "a band that has perfectly distilled the sound of the best part of the decade into perfect pop song sized pieces."




Indie-Rock, British

Formed in 2008, Frontiers are one of Nottingham's most promising up-and-coming bands. Produced by Alan Smyth (Pulp, Arctic Monkeys), October 2008's 'In Pursuit EP' has achieved regular regional and national radio play (including BBC Radio 1 and 6Music) and support slots with Official Secrets Act and Fight Like Apes have established them as one of the area’s most thrilling live acts. With appearances at Summer Sundae Weekender and Reading and Leeds Festivals in August 2009, and a sound reminiscent of Joy Division and The Cure, Frontiers hark back to the era of golden indie, and at the tender age of 18, are an improbably talented prospect. (myspace)

Frontiers EP



CD 1:
1. In This Light And On This Evening
2. Bricks And Mortar
3. Papillon
4. You Don’t Know Love
5. The Big Exit
6. The Boxer
7. Like Treasure
8. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
9. Walk The Fleet Road    
Bonus CD:
1. This House Is Full Of Noise
2. I Want A Forest
3. My Life As A Ghost
4. Human
5. For The Money

CD 1

Bonus CD


Two Door Cinema Club

Indie, British, Electronic

Two Door Cinema Club are 3 people with the help of technology and a thirst for anything quirky. They come from Bangor, Northern Ireland. Their music has been loosely compared to the likes of Death Cab for Cutie and Broken Social Scene but without a definitive capacity to be pigeon-holed. Melodic vocals, which hail from all three members of the outfit, infuse with guitar riffs that have been described as “oceanic” and rhythm described as “pulsing”. To get the symbolism out of the way, take your seats; it’s going to be a blockbuster! After their Kitsune tour, together with Delphic, they will be back on the road and make some Gigs in smaller towns in England an Wales. On 16th of November will be released their new single "I can talk". You can listen to the song on myspace. Here are some older songs.

1.Cigarettes in the Theatre
2.Hands Off My Cash, Monty
3.Not in this Town
4.Something Good can work
5.Undercover Martyn

Two Door Cinema Club





Post-Punk, Shoegaze, British

1.Black Ice
2.Money Talks
3.The Arrival



Demontré: Brandenburg from W&B on Vimeo.


Working for a Nuclear Free City - Businessmen & Ghosts

Electronic, Shoegaze, Indie, British

Working for a Nuclear Free City is an English music band from Manchester. Having previously released material in the United Kingdom, its debut American release, "Businessmen & Ghosts", came out in November 2007. The band cites a wide array of influences, including artists as disparate as Bill Evans, Devo, The Grateful Dead, and The Chemical Brothers. Their sound has been described as "a flawless lucid-dream trip through a thousand fantastical influences" and "as fresh as morning rain on Piccadilly Gardens".

Businessmen & Ghosts




Electronic, Post-Punk, Industrial, Dark-Wave

It grabs you, thrashes you, rotates you and throws you to the floor. And that's only the opening. Micron Sixty Three provide an electrifying, head pounding slice of 80's dance music with a darker filling of vocals that leave you as confused and disorientated as the flashing neon lights blaring in your face. Intensifying every emotion you are almost able to smell the enthusiasm as the first track 'Death is Colder Than Love' conjures up images of quirky underground clubs with the lingering smell of cigarette smoke wafting through the air as the walls thud in unison with the beat.
Micron 63 make a brooding electroey/guitary racket which marries memories of the past with visions of the future to create something undefinable by the present.
This is just a collection of Demos and Live versions. But you also can
Buy something!

1.Anatomy of No Escape
2.Comanche Parasite
3.Death is Colder Than Love
4.Final Girl (Sample)
6.No Divide
7.Pressure Lines (Sample)
9.Refuse Replace
10.Repeat Sick Repeat
12.Test These Fears

Micron 63


Micron Sixty Three - Death is colder than love HD from micron sixtythree on Vimeo.


Dial M for Murder! Rare Songs

Post-Punk, New Wave, Electronic, Swedish

1. Time
2. Thanks for nothing
3. If I only could stay at home tonight

Rare Songs


Goodnight And I Wish* - A Ruffled Mind Makes A Restless Pillow

Indie, Experimental, Lullaby-Pop, British

Goodnight And I Wish*, the brainchild of single member Lailah Lullaby (aka drummer Brandon Jacobs of post-punk band Neil's Children) gives us a taste into the strange little world that he calls lullaby pop. "A Ruffled Mind Makes A Restless Pillow" is certainly an eclectic and atmospheric record of very lo-fi gentle tunes which includes sounds recorded in a variety of locations in and around Brandon Jacobs apparently haunted house, and all outside a studio so it has open echoes and whispers, creeks and chimes. This is just a slim version. There is a Limited Japan Version which includes 14 tracks. You can buy it here or here

01 - Haly Horror
02 - Norlington Works
03 - The Dream Cather
04 - The Rules of Three
05 - Today's Going To Be A Nice Day

A Ruffled Mind Makes A Restless Pillow


Mercy Arms - Kept Low EP

Indie-Rock, Australian, Alternative

Mercy Arms were an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. Formed in early 2005, the four-piece was made up of Thom Moore (lead vocals, guitar), Kirin J. Callinan (guitar), Ash Moss (bass guitar) and Julian Sudek (drums, percussion). The band dissolved in February 2009 after four years together. This is mainly credited to Callinan and Moore's creative differences. Other groups and projects involving Mercy Arms members include FLRL (Fashion Launches Rocket Launches), started by Kirin J. Callinan & Julian Sudek with Jono Ma of Lost Valentinos & Daniel Stricker of Midnight Juggernauts, Kirin performing solo as Kirin J. Callinan and playing guitar in Jack Ladder's band, Julian Sudek playing electronics in Danimals, Ash Moss playing bass in Faker and Thom has a new band, Canvas Kites.

Kept Low EP



The Blue Sinners - Everybody Ready (Incl. Bonus Tracks)

Garage-Rock, Rock, Indie-Rock

Sie wurden bereits als "die deutschen Hives" bezeichnet und auch wenn die damit verbundenen Erwartungen an The Blue Sinners doch eine Nummer zu groß erscheinen, ganz ungerechtfertig ist zumindest der klangliche Vergleich mit der Schwedenbande nicht. Wie auch ihre Referenzgeber kommen Matze Glowacki (Bass), Christian Ehlers(Schlagzeug), Justus Lohmann(Gesang/Gitarre) und Florian Hagen (Gitarre/Gesang) aus einer Kleinstadt, und einmal mehr hat sich die Hype-ferne Abgeschiedenheit damit als der perfekte Nährboden und Entwicklungshelfer des Blue Sinners’schen Garagensounds erwiesen. Die große Welle neuer Garagenbands haben die Jungs aus Uelzen durch ihre späte Gründung 2004 zwar verpasst, ihr Debütalbum „Everybody Ready“ versprüht jedoch ähnlichen Charme wie die Erstlingswerke der Hives, Mando Diaos und Strokes dieser Welt: Ungeschliffen und nicht ohne Talent.(motor)

The Blue Sinners - Everybody Ready


Electricity in our Homes

Post-Punk, British

"Formed and based in London, Electricity In Our Homes are utilitarian in sound and vision. Taking inspiration from Talking Heads, ESG, Sonic Youth, Prince and the best of British DIY, they wear identical minimal attire and their live shows are an exercise in conciseness, often teetering on the edge of chaos. Compared to acts as diverse as Captain Beefheart, DNA and Can, Electricity in our Homes remain capable of blurring the genre lines in a captivating fashion." (blogfairtilizer.infomaniak)

1. Gymnastics
2. Motorbike
3. Are They Doing Something Nasty?
4. Some Marvels
5. We Don't Need Honesty
6. Hooves
7. More Minimal

Electricity in Our Homes




Post-Punk, New Wave

"One of the greatest Pop Songs in the 20th century. By anybody."

01 - Love Will Tear Us Apart
02 - These Days
03 - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Version)

Love will tear us apart

White Rose Movement - Kick

Post-Punk, Electronic, New Wave

White Rose Movement is an amazing band from London. Their music is a mix of post-punk and new wave with an electro touch. Kick is their debut abum, released in 2006.

White Rose Movement sind eine fünfköpfige post-punk/electro Band und kommen aus London. Benannt sind sie nach der antifaschistischen Widerstandsbewegung “Weiße Rose“. Sie mixen post-punk im Stil von Joy Division und The Chameleons mit Elementen von New Romantic a la Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, sowie electroclash und post-punk revival Einflüssen. White Rose Movement entstand aus den Resten der erfolglosen Band Arturo.(last.fm)




Project:KOMAKINO - The Struggle For Utopia

Post-Punk, Cold Wave

Aus den dunklen Gedanken Kris Kane’s von einer Welt, die hätte sein können entstand Project:KOMAKINO im März 2007 als Soloprojekt. Mittlerweile sind drei weitere Bandmitglieder dazugestoßen: Oscar Maya, Drums, Jamie McQuade, Bass und Andrew Hiles, Synthesizer. Ihre Songs,die von einer dystopischen Zukunft und dunklen Zeiten handeln, stehen unter starkem Einfluss des 80er Jahre Post-Punk aus UK und verursachen Gänsehaut. Nun wird das Debut-Album ‘The Struggle For Utopia’ von dem neuen französischen Label ‘Desire-Records’ herausgebracht. Es ist das erste Album auf diesem Label und ist 14 Lieder stark. Das Datum ist der 26. Oktober und die Platte wird eventuell auf farbigem Viyl erscheinen, sowie auf CD und auch digital.(Rohmaterial)

The Struggle For Utopia


Joy Division Documentary

"Because they had no fucking choice."

Those with only a basic knowledge of the role Joy Division played in the renewal of both the post-punk music scene and Manchester will find this an informative documentary. In addition to retrospectives by all remaining band members, a well-balanced range of contributers comment on everything from the scene, to music production and cover art design, to the cultural influences behind the band's unique style.

Grant Gee's Dokumentation zeigt die Geschichte von Joy Division mithilfe zahlreicher privater Fotos, nicht veröffentlichtem Livematerial und neu entdeckten Audiokassetten. Der Film enthält zudem zahlreiche Beiträge der Bandmitglieder und der belgischen Journalistin Annik Honore, mit der Curtis eine Affäre hatte. Auch Tony Wilson, Labelchef von Factory Records, auf dem Joy Division veröffentlichten, ist mit diversen Interviews vertreten. Peter Hook, Bassist von Joy Division nennt den Film die perfekte Antwort auf 'Control'.(Intro)

Joy Division Documentary

New Order

New Wave, Manchester

New Order ist eine englische New-Wave-Band und einer der Wegbereiter der Madchester-Szene. Die Band trat die Nachfolge von Joy Division an, deren Mitglieder damals vereinbart hatten, nicht mehr unter diesem Namen aufzutreten, sollte ein Mitglied die Band verlassen. Als im Mai 1980 der damalige Front-Sänger Ian Curtis Selbstmord beging, lösten die drei verbliebenen Bandmitglieder aus Respekt ihr Versprechen ein und formierten sich unter dem Namen New Order neu.(wiki)





The Social - A Call to Arms

Post-Punk, British

The Social are Laurence Hussey, Alfie Milner, Liam Westbrook & Stuee Bevan. Hailing from north London, they possess a raw and direct quintessential Englishness that is unnerving in its passion. Building upon their influences (Joy Division & The Smiths) The Social establish their own unique image. Driving, almost frenetic, drums bound tightly together by Laurences deep, operatic vocals and compelling bass lines, create a distinctive and gripping sound.

1. The Fallen
2. UK Gothic
3. To the Bone
4. Under Grey English Skies
5. Hugo

A Call to Arms



Canvas Kites

Indie, Australian

From the very recently smouldering, and unconfirmed ashes of Sydney sonic indie darlings Mercy Arms, comes another project with a sharp sensibility. Canvas Kites, a newly hatched three piece, sees vocalist/axeman Thom Moore swapping the brooding reverb pedal for something more akin to a sunny late-80s jangle. From what we have to go on (Wayside), I'm thinking Flying Nun pop, the Smiths, undiluted melody, with a dash of local-lad charm. All this is perpetuated by that great scrappy video clip on their website featuring Chinese take-away and the Opera House. Wayside is definitely one for lovers of balmy nights like that. Canvas Kites appear pretty damn dapper in their new skin, and are well schooled in the sounds they're splashing round in. To get it all well underway, they're playing a home-ground residency at the Oxford Arts Factory on Fridays in September. Might be a good way to hear another track of their's. Look forward to seeing where the road leads these three!

Canvas Kites - Wayside from Canvas Kites on Vimeo.





New Wave, British, Synth-Pop

A new Demo Song from Brighton’s Mirrors has surfaced on the interwebs. A synth laden pop tune that reminds me of Tears for Fears or some Bands from the 80s. Check out the Demo Version Organ Song below and stay tuned for plenty more from these dudes. They're totaly great!

Organ Song


Fear Of Drowning

Anemone former Rivalries

Post-Punk, Shoegaze, Experimental, British

Hello there. We know the Rivalries, now they changed there name into Anemone. I don't like the name, but the music is quite good. Here some examples.





Post-Punk, Italy, New Wave

A new phenomenon comes across Italy. For three years now, Italian club nights like London Loves in Milan and Rome's Fish n Chips have been bringing the post-punk and industrial sounds of London's East End to Italian audiences, playing the same records and bringing the same bands - Hatcham Social, Neils Children, Ipso Facto, Electricity In Our Homes, These New Puritans - to Italian fans, and gathering the country's like-minded youth under the banner of the alternative. Now the reaction is imminent: a new wave of Italian groups is trying its luck in London, returning to its musical roots in a foreign city, with its own singular sound. General Decay employ the leaping basslines and chiming guitars of groups like Siglo XX and Asylum Party, but also take chilly atmospheric notes from their European predecessors' original influences (mostly Joy Division).

3. GENERAL DECAY - PYRAMID (enjoy the end) (3:10)
4. GENERAL DECAY - Ich bin ein Berliner (2:31)
5. GENERAL DECAY - Nothing to Heal (2:08)
6. GENERAL DECAY - Shampoo Horns (2:39)
7. GENERAL DECAY - Son Of A Gun (4:06)

General Decay - Demo EP


General Decay // To Fall Apart (Live) from spcnvdr on Vimeo.

Ghostwood - Ghostwood EP

Post-Punk, Indie

Again good music from Australia. The Ghosts — later they’ve changed their name to Ghostwood released their first EP on Modular in 2007. Their songs are totally atmospheric — they remind me a bit of My Bloody Valentine or some shoegazer. Ghostwood have come a long way in such a short time. From using the high school rec room and recording demos with a drum machine to finally getting signed to Modular and releasing their very first record. All in just the one year. This five-track debut EP shows favouritism for repetition in rhythm and riff but manage to produce five different songs.



Ghostwood - Rest My Soul (2009) from Toto MacDonald on Vimeo.