The Ruling Class - Tour De Force

Madchester, Indie

The Ruling Class is the first band that I feel is actually continuing what The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and Ride had started.

This Swedish/English combo started by singer/songwriter Tomas Kubowicz and bassist Anton Lindberg in 2006. After little success in finding like-minded bandmates in Sweden, they relocated to London in an attempt to perhaps gain some influence. It may have been a little too late, seeing as it was almost 10 years after Britpop’s demise, which Tomas admits to in a recent interview:
“The Stone Roses was kind of an introduction – I never had any high thoughts of their debut album when I first listened to it, but when I picked up the album again a couple years later and had a listen, it totally exploded. It’s a masterpiece. I’ve never left them since.”

The Ruling Class - Tour De Force


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