Summer Camp

Pop, Electronic, Indie, British

Summer Camp arrived shrouded in mystery in late 2009, members’ identities cloaked in the blithe guise of Swedish teenagers who’d met at summer camp. The shroud disintegrated soon enough, the band revealed to be multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Warmsley and journalist Elizabeth Sankey. But this wasn’t met by some dramatic splintering of intrigue, more the sharpening of anticipation and the feeling of something even greater to come. Less than a year later, the Young EP comes crashing on, bristling with gems from a bygone era where the permanence of relationship drama has been sieved out. The duo’s love for the fuzzy world of 1980s John Hughes movies is paraded for all to see. Squelchy synths, tinny drumbeats and dialogue samples run consistent with Summer Camp’s signature positioning, a spot-lit corner full with awkward couples vying to be the best at being in love.


Summer Camp - YOUNG EP

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