Rock, Pop, Indie, British, Ireland

In early 2010, Robbie, Stuart and Martin, having spent time in various bands and musical projects around Dublin, came together to form “Manhattan”. After a long and painstaking search for a bassist seemed to have failed, along came Kevin to fill the prestigious role of bass player and Manhattan was complete. All 4 members have different influences, ranging from obscure hardcore Hungarian techno to mainstream rock and pop, from old school Rock and Roll to old school “Motown” & soul, and bring these influences into their music. After covering their favourite songs, Manahattan started to write and perform their own songs. Now they got several songs, two of them you can listen below. Additional there is one Remix! Enjoy!


Hypnotise by bandmanhattan

Old City by bandmanhattan

We Share Our Mothers Health (The Knife) by bandmanhattan

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