The Neat

The Neat - In Youth Is Pleasure from Danny North on Vimeo.

New Wave, Post-Punk, British

Fuck you 2010. So far, what exactly have you turned up? Hmm? Yet more synth-pop and a new Courteeners album? Pathetic. And you’ve killed 6Music as well. You’re rubbish. We’re leaving... Hang on a minute, what’s this? Onstage before us are The Neat. A furious foursome from Hull, a bleak city stuffed with abbatoirs, rattling out angular buzzsaw Buzzcockisms to a half-empty Barfly like it was Brixton Academy. Unquestionably, they’re the finest new guitar band we’ve seen in an age, but as their six-song set hurtles by, through the juddering heart attack of ‘In Youth Is Pleasure’ and the cryptic rattle of ‘Fruits’, they’re nothing short of a revelation. Banter is reassuringly scarce (“We’re from Hull” is about the extent of it), t-shirts are reassuringly cool (woodpeckers and paint splats), and the lyrics that bark over the rancour don’t so much dissect popular culture as bash it into bits with a big stick. Clearly, the new post-punk intelligentsia are from the East Riding. Who knew? THE FLY



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