The Splinters

The Splinters - "Mysterious" (Music Video) from The Splinters on Vimeo.

Garage House / Indie / Folk Rock

It's easy to picture Oakland foursome the Splinters as a gang of boisterous broads out to fuck shit up. The band's anthem, a fist-pounding riot called "Splintered Bridges," proclaims, "We will walk over splintered bridges and burn them behind us/We will break off door hinges and shut 'em when we leave." Take that prickly band name and the group's crude-but-crafty brand of garage pop — which borrows from both the Shangri-Las and Bikini Kill — and it seems like the members could be a bunch of bull-dykes on a bender.
On their debut album, Kick, out March 9 on Oakland's Double Negative label, the Splinters mix silliness, sincerity, and sarcasm so much that it can be hard to tell them apart.


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