Electricity in our Homes

Post-Punk, British

"Formed and based in London, Electricity In Our Homes are utilitarian in sound and vision. Taking inspiration from Talking Heads, ESG, Sonic Youth, Prince and the best of British DIY, they wear identical minimal attire and their live shows are an exercise in conciseness, often teetering on the edge of chaos. Compared to acts as diverse as Captain Beefheart, DNA and Can, Electricity in our Homes remain capable of blurring the genre lines in a captivating fashion." (blogfairtilizer.infomaniak)

1. Gymnastics
2. Motorbike
3. Are They Doing Something Nasty?
4. Some Marvels
5. We Don't Need Honesty
6. Hooves
7. More Minimal

Electricity in Our Homes


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