The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes (1981)

Post-Punk, New Wave, 80s

In 1981 The Cure released their eighth single, "Charlotte Sometimes". It was a double sided single. "Splintered In Her Head" was on the B-Side. Neither track appeared on an album originally, but the A side was added as a bonus track on a CD Re-Release of their third album, Faith in 2005. Faith was reissued in the UK on 25 April 2005 (26th in the U.S.) as part of Universal Music's Deluxe Edition series. The new edition features a remastered version of the album, as well as the song "Carnage Visors" on disc one, while disc two contains demo and live tracks, as well as the non-album single "Charlotte Sometimes". The single reached the #44 spot on the U.K. singles chart.

Charlotte Sometimes



cnm. said...

ich frag mich wer dieses lied wieder in erinnerung gerufen hat.

Marty Mc Fly said...

das frag ich mich auch...hab ich aber tatsächlich bei einem befreundeten blog gelesen, dann erst gehört...nicht wie charlotte vielleicht denkt...