Lord Auch

Alternative, Rock, British

After Television Crimewave now Lord Auch. Another Black Wire follower. Sadly, Black Wire disbanded in 2007, but fear not, from their ashes rise a whole new beast. Former members Si McCabe and Danny Prescott moved on to form Lord Auch. Alongside Liam Wade, Stelios Kurunis and Nicholas Jones they release the delightfully titled ‘To The Shithouse EP’.

Taking their name from a pseudonym of French essayist, and all round salacious scholar, Georges Bataille; Lord Auch are Simon McCabe (vocals/bass), Danny Prescott (drums), and guitarist Liam W. Originally, stalwarts of Leeds burgeoning band scene, Simon and Danny were members of art-rock cult-heroes Black Wire, though, as many good things do, the band came to a natural end in 2006. Never overly sentimental, the pair swapped their Yorkshire pastures for the sin and shadow of London’s East End. A night of debate, debauchery and Jack Daniels ensued and saw the duo find a like minded third, in the shape of ex-Courtney Love guitarist Liam W in September 2007



Lord Auch - To the Shithouse by Marty McFly

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