Dial M for Murder! - Fiction Of Her Dreams

Post-Punk, Swedish, New Wave

”Fiction Of Her Dreams” is a powerful and dark manifesto celebrating the everyday highs and lows of life in Europe‘s North in the first decade of the new millennium. Winter‘s anxieties, summer‘s confusing adrenaline rush and springtime‘s yearly hopeful new beginnings are all part and parcel of this multifaceted album. References to 80‘s british “Dream Pop” bands such as A.R Kane and Chameleons are to be found, as well as the aesthetics of classic bands like Joy Division or current contenders Interpol and Ladytron. This is a pretty raw sound that is all about mood and expression. Haunting vocals, soaring melodies, fuzzy electric guitars, mean sounding synths, dirty drumboxes … it‘s all here, it‘s all wonderful!

Dial M for Murder! - Fiction Of Her Dreams


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